Robert Box Testimonial – Full Version.

Back in 2019 I decided I needed some help in achieving some life goals.

I had been thinking about getting some life coaching for a while now, to help me achieve these goals and it had been something I been putting off for a while. It’s pretty hard to find someone you can trust with something so personal and you don’t want to waste you money.

I had previously done quite a few self-development course through various organisations and know myself as a person who can walk over hot coals…. but I still been struggling to achieve the things that I most wanted in my life. And I had some big goals to. Buy the car of my dreams, Find a girl friend who would become my wife, Buy my first house, But then in 2019 I meet Matt, I saw an opportunity to seek his guidance, he had told me he had completed a course in NLP and that was something I was interested in learning or using to help me overcome my fears and move on in life to achieve my goals and grow as a human.

Matt help me in numerous ways, were to me it felt like he looked at my way of thinking and taught me to change the internal dialogue, he helped me to change from the inside, so that I could produce results on the outside in my life.

Matt helped me to boost my confidence, and gave me strategies to do that, also help me to heal some passed memories that have been holding me back and create a new future thought/feeling pattern.

To sum up Matt coaching, he gave me an insight into the way I think and feel about myself, he gave me the tools to make better decisions, a way to build confidence in who I am.

Even though I have not yet purchased my dream car, I am engaged to a beautiful women I will soon call my wife and now planning to purchase our first house together.

To me these are two massive life goals and I am sure the car will come soon enough. Thank you to Matt, and I highly recommend Matt work, and you should not hesitate in seeking his help. You never know what could happen or what you could achieve with his guidance.

Robert Box.