Coaching with Matthew Tait is all about transformation. Your own shift from where you are right now either away from your own hell… or towards your own heaven. Which ever it is Matthew has a range of programs and coaching methods that will shift you towards a future you will be proud of. Complete the pre coaching questionnaire.


Having suffered from Anxiety himself, Matthew has developed a range of programs and coaching methods where he will take you through a program that will allow you to release what is built up inside and get to know how to manage your own mind moving forward.

Having success in his own life he now teaches his program to men who have been taught by society not to express their emotions, more importantly, one liners like go to hardware store, buy some cement and harden up. That might ne fine on the football field but is useless when your marriage is falling apart. These programs are designed to take you though a rang eof processes that will release years of old built up anxieties.

Your mind forgets nothing, It is time to unload some old baggage and travel light.


Matthew was adopted at 2 days old. And had mostly ignored this fact for 40 odd years until he started to unpack his anxieties after a divorce forced the issue. Some of these anxieties were indeed related to his adoption story to his surprise.

The reality is that no baby should be separated from mother during the time when the baby is still mentally part of the mother psychologically. For most adoptees there is a range of missing parts adoption brings up that all end up searching for. And in this search we can all expect a roller coaster of emotions that are from all those years ago, or indeed how life was since.

Matthew has a range of programs to deal with issues such as rejection, loss, secrecy, mattering, Shame/Guilt, Grief (unprocessed), mastery and control, identity.

Small Business

As a small business owner having run a drafting practice in the building industry, starting up a bed and breakfast and starting up a coaching business, Matthew understands what small business owners are going through.

Some of these themes run through the other areas of focus such as men and adoption. Issues such as isolation, identity, rejection, mastery, all come up in small business. And so Matthew has a coaching service to help small business unpack the wealth of knowledge already in their business experience.

The reality is that most small business owners have 90% of what the need inside already. They just have not had any coaching or accountability to get them to the next level. To open their minds to existing possibility hidden in plain sight.