Coaching with Matthew Tait is all about Transformation.

coaching with matthew tait


Shift from where you are right now to a clear vision of who you want to be.

A Vision that excites you. A Vision that inspires. A Vision you believe in.

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Matthew Tait

Speaker, Trainer, and Transformation Specialist.

Matt loves helping people dissolve what holds them back from fulfilling their potential, and providing clarity for what that potential looks, feels, and sounds like for each individual.

Work With Me

If you are ready for a big shift with quick results then personal coaching is the answer.

I avoided personal coaching in the past and wasted so much time. Once I committed, life shifted quickly and I was set into action towards my goals. In particular was my need to lasso my then scattered mind into flow, focus, and progress.

Using a mix of personal guidance, proven methods and accountability we can work together to clear the old and clarify the new to create big shifts in how you feel about where you are at and where you are going.


Find clarity when you meet your ‘Fork in the Road’ (by: Lesley Mitchell)

Run by Matthew Tait, Fork in Road offers some amazing services (which I have been privileged to have personally shared) both in group sessions and private sessions. Using a variety of NLP techniques and anxiety release therapy, Matt seems to have an impressively large toolbox of skills to move you through any difficult times and also assist you to find an even better solution than the one you may currently be considering.

Whether you have anxiety or some difficulties in your life or you just would like to release the invisible ties that may be holding you back and attain your higher potential. Group and personal sessions with Matt can assist you to do all of this.

Through Fork in Road, Matt offers a variety of counselling and group therapy sessions from absolutely no cost, right through to private one-on-one sessions.

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“ Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom ”

Aristotle 384–322 BC

" People have all they need inside to change, they just can't see the gold that is hidden in plain sight "

Matthew Tait

" When you are clear, energy flows, Actions are taken, and your true potential will be fullfilled " ​

Matthew Tait