Matthew Tait is a speaker, trainer, and a transformation specialist who is helping people clear the past and move towards the future.He helps people find clarity on what is their true value, and realise what has been plugged in by others interests.

Matthew is committed to transformation beginning with himself on a journey of self-discovery, and now is sharing his lessons with people looking to overcome the past and move towards a future full of energy, purpose, and clarity.

Having studied under some amazing teachers, Matthew has qualifications in NLP Masters level, Ericksonian Hypnosis masters level, Life Coaching masters level, NLP Speaker trained, Self-Directed Healing (SDH) accredited, Accredited Cert IV Trainer and Assessor, Diploma of Vocational Education Trainer (VET). Matthew has been indeed on a journey to figure out what makes himself tick. This has allowed him to help clients shift old patterns of being stuck, to seeing they have many of the answers already inside them.

Matt understands that first we have to know ourselves, know what is stopping us, know our own boundaries of thinking, before we can release and move forward. Just as important is to be clear on our vision for the future, clear on how we want to feel, and clear who we want to support. With clarity comes energy.

Remove the mental clutter, and picture, hear and feel yourself, the future you and start living that now.

My Mission

My personal mission in life is to help as many people and companies as possible overcome their current limitations in the thinking, beliefs, and habits. To dissolve the barriers that hold us back from opportunity, connection, and contribution. I love it when someone implements a simple strategy and has a big shift in results. That lights up my day. No need for coffee as I will be pumped and excited.

 I have a drive and deep passion to help people to get out of their own way by developing the habits, beliefs, and identity using scientifically proven tools, strategies, and methods of transformation. Many simple habits and techniques that can be easily used to give the biggest win possible towards your own personal beacon guiding you to growth and connection.